The main challenge with blk. is that it is starkly different from any other water or health beverage, both in looks and context. 
blk. is for those who diverge from the current health trends, it's a statement. One does not buy blk. just to quench their thirst, but also to fulfill a deeper need to go against the status quo. 
We created three spreads geared towards young adults and millennials who are both health and style conscious. These spreads are meant to feel at home in magazines such as: DAZED, Paper, or Juxtapoz.
Art Director: Kelly Reyes                                                                                                                                Copywriter/Strategist: Cristian Castiglia
This will be a featured print campaign in the upcoming nationwide release 
of the 5th Edition of 'Advertising Creative: Strategy, Copy, and Design' 
Expected publishing date: January 2019 

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