As part of Virginia Lottery's 2018 Holiday campaign, I created a state-wide point of sale (POS) campaign. VA Lottery wanted a POS campaign that aligned with their holiday broadcast spot: "The Gift of Joy." As the Junior Art Director, I was involved from concept to execution.  
My team and I captured the candid and genuine reactions of those receiving a thoughtful gift. What does the gift of joy look like? In this case, the gift of holiday scratchers. Whether it's the  "Just-Cuz" or the "Aw, you shouldn't have" gift, they share one thing in common: joy comes in small packages..but yields big reactions. 
Junior Art Director: Kelly Reyes 
Creative Director: Ron Villacarillo 
Copywriter: Connor Wood 
Photographer: Cade Martin 
Senior Producer: Wendy McCallum
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